Saturday, September 26, 2009

Walleye Lake Fishing - Trophy Walleye Fishing

Its that time of the year again. Fall! More hunters and less fishermen! Meaning more opportunities to catch more and bigger fish. Its about time to get on the water. You may think walleye fishing is done for another season, but wait! Fall is one of the most rewarding times for anglers who understand how fish follow patterns. You can use this information to your advantage. Now that summer is over, the air cools and so does the water. Having the knowledge of walleye movement patterns to follow will help. .

This is when the walleye prepare for the cold weather.The fish will head into deeper water in the lake. The fish can be as deep as fifty feet. The fish slow down a lot because of the cool temperatures. They getting ready for one last feeding frenzy. This happens just before the lakes freeze over.The walleye patterns are followed as closely as the warm weather accept the timeline is different because of the difference in water temperature.

The fishes metabolism will start to slow, and will not move around as much or be as active at feeding.As late fall hits, the Walleye will suddenly energise and become active again.As they move closer to the surface, and begin feeding aggressively. This is the final feeding binge until winter is over, the fish seem to understand that soon the lakes will freeze over. At this time the Walleye may be found in the shallows near the shoreline, because this is where they will find the bait fish and other food sources will be the most abundant.

Once this small binge is over, the fish go back into slow mode. As the water gets colder and the fish move deeper and farther away from shore, their daily migration around the water body will slow. The walleye will still follow the same patterns, it will just be at a deeper level and slower pace. During the late fall the Walleye can usually be located towards the middle of the lake, or in the deeper parts of the river where there is plenty of cover and oxygen.

Learning the migration and travel patterns of the Walleye during the different stages of fall can help you catch more fish. Fishing the drop offs,and deep underwater structure. This is normally where you will find the Walleye, and have much better success at catching walleye.

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