Saturday, March 15, 2008

It's Time To Get Ready For Spring Fishing

By Ronald B. Shannon

Here comes March! This is usually the time when I wrap up my ice fishing. It's time to think about getting ready for spring fishing. Do you need new line? Maybe you need a new pole or reel? The sales usually start during this month for all of the gear you need. Maybe you would like to find someplace new. Pick a place you haven't tried yet and plan a weekend trip to check it out.

My brothers and friends and I use the winter months to plan on a new trip for spring. This year we are going to devote a few days to brooks for that elusive trout. I found a couple while in the backwoods looking for new deer sign. Can't wait to flip a fly in them and see what is there.

See you on the water!

Time to Clean out Your Tackle Box

Meanwhile we might as well get the old tackle box out and give it a good cleaning. The first thing to do is through away all the junk (old line and candy wrappers).

Now let's get serious. What is your primary target this year? I use two tackle kits, a box for boat fishing and a shoulder bag for canoe and stream fishing. This allows me to carry a lighter load and eliminate gear that I don't need.

It's also a good way to weed out gear you don't really need. A good hook sharpener comes in handy in most any kit. Keep one handy at all times. There's no sense losing a fish to a dull hook.

The next thing you should look at is the condition of your lures. Are they rubbed or scratched? Touch up paint or even fingernail polish (check with your wife or daughters first) will do the trick. Brush on little sealer after they are dry and you're all set for another year. You might want to check the trebles at this time. Now is the time to replace bent and rusty hooks.

When you get to those plastics, whether tubes or worms, be sure to take out any that have begun to stick to the box. They will definitely cause you trouble later on.

I'm tired just writing about it. Think I'll go take a beer break! See you on the water.

Ron Shannon is a Reg. Maine guide from Clinton, Me. USA. He has been camping for over thirty years, using camp as a base for fishing, canoing and hunting trips. Though he now uses a travel trailer, he has amassed his knowledge from tents to trailers through years of trial and error. His camps have ranged from camping alone to as many as twenty people.

Copyright Ron Shannon

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